Episode Description


The ultimate superpower is flight, and Yokke Sommer is rumored to have achieved it–coming as close to a bird as any human has ever achieved. Daniel meets him on a 1000ft cliff in Norway, the site of many tragic deaths, where Yokke wants to prove his power by flying at over 120 mph just 3ft from the cliff face. Ram Barkai claims to be immune to cold–regularly swimming in temperatures cold enough to kill. He proves his unique ability in the Nordic fjord-lands, before Daniel sets him the challenge of swimming a kilometre in water just 1 degree above freezing. Man has evolved to walk upright, and has gone on to be able to run faster and faster. But Roland Wagner has become the fastest backwards runner on earth and says his technique is actually better for the body. Hands of fire? Master Zhou claims he can produce heat in his hands hot enough to boil water. Daniel puts him to the test to try and find an explanation.

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