Episode Description

Robo Men

Matthius Schlitte was born with Proteus syndrome, giving him one arm MUCH bigger than the other. He has used this genetic difference as a gift, and through training, turned himself into a top arm wrestler, capable of beating men twice his size. But can he take on a super-charged robot, literally built to arm wrestle? Jean Yves Blondeau has designed a 32 wheel roller-suit that turns him into a human rollerskate with incredible speed and agility. Daniel wants to push the Rollerman to the max, pitting him against a 100mph go-kart. Jack Dagger claims to be the deadliest knife thrower on earth. He says he can hit any target, no matter how small or how fast it is moving. Will Daniel survive a William Tell-esque apple on the head stunt? It's rumored Wolfgang Manicke and his posse have the power to destroy buildings with their bare hands. Daniel takes Wolfgang to a scientist to analyze his strength.

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