Episode Description

It's Personal

Liz Cavalier has been a solid helper on Troy Landry's boat, but with the season more than halfway done, Liz wants to prove to her boss that she's more. Armed with years of experience captaining her own boat, she decides to step up, offering some of her own hunting ideas to Troy. Junior Edwards has trusted his son Willie with more responsibility. Today, Willie heads out on his own once again, and this time, he's hunting solo. He's on the lookout for the big gator that will make his reputation...but tracking it down won't be an easy task. When R.J. and Jay Pau's lines come under attack by a vicious cannibal gator, it becomes a personal challenge. R.J. will need to use every trick he's got to catch this menace before it stalls his season. An infestation of feral hogs is plaguing Southern Louisiana, and one large hog is encroaching on Terral's property. Feral hogs will charge humans on site--so Terral hopes to take care of the problem before someone gets hurt.

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