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New series premieres Tuesday, March 6 at 10 EP.

The Curse of Oak Island’s treasure hunters Rick and Marty Lagina have been approached by treasure seekers around the world who each offer their leads and seek advice. Recently, Marty learned of a mystery that rivals that of Oak Island, when he was introduced to fellow Michigan native, Kevin Dykstra and his team — men who are obsessed with a story of national treasure that goes back to the Civil War.

Dykstra, a high school operations director from Muskegon, Michigan, had heard from a friend about a deathbed confession made by a lighthouse keeper in the 1890s.  According to the lighthouse keeper, in 1865 Union soldiers tracked down Jefferson Davis before the defeated rebel president could flee the country. A small group of officers allegedly confiscated the gold from Davis and, five years later, smuggled it north on a train — where the money was used to create fortunes for the band of renegade Union officers and their associates.  But, as some of the conspirators were arranging for a large portion of the stolen gold to make its way westward across Lake Michigan in a boxcar, one of the disgruntled partners thwarted the plan — by arranging for the boxcar to be pushed into the lake, where, according to Kevin Dykstra, it remains to this day.

Unfortunately, Kevin Dykstra will need a significant investment of money if he is ever going to be able to prove his theory — and for that, he has turned to Marty Lagina. Luckily, Marty has agreed to fund a dive — but only if Kevin and his brothers can find tangible evidence to prove if any part of this incredible theory is true.  This sends Kevin and his team on an amazing hunt down to Georgia — the scene of the original heist — and then, back up to Michigan and into bank vaults to search for secret tunnels constructed to help launder the loot.  They also follow the trail out to Utah where there was a recent report that some of the stolen gold found its way there.

Season 1 climaxes at the bottom of Lake Michigan.  If the team can find the lost Civil War gold, they will have uncovered the truth behind one of the greatest mysteries — and biggest conspiracies — in American history.


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