Big Timber Returns to History With an Action-Packed Season 2

Big Timber Returns to History With an Action-Packed Season 2


Thursdays at 10 pm ET/PT | Premieres October 14 

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Kevin Wenstob and his crew return to Vancouver Island in Season 2 of Big Timber as the team goes to extremes to keep the family sawmill, and their way of life, alive. 

This season, Kevin has to move 25 kilometres away to a new claim, but discovers the path to the new location is blocked by late spring snow. With his wife Sarah, his sons Erik and Jack and his right-hand man Coleman, the life-long logger and sawmill operator struggles to overcome one obstacle after another, as the crew face a desperate shortage of the lucrative red ceder. 

Going to extremes: Keeping the business afloat in season 2 of Big Timber

With his reputation on the line, Kevin needs timber to keep the mill running; he’s forced to take the biggest risk of his life by heading out into deadly waters along the coast of Vancouver Island to salvage western cedar logs washed up on the coast. Making matters worse, he’s got nothing but rusty old boats to get the job done. 

With only 16 weeks to pull in enough logs to pay off a million dollar penalty the government slapped on him for leaving wood piled at his old timber claim, Kevin is also risking bankruptcy if he can’t deliver the timber. Making matters worse, it’s the hottest summer in history and Kevin is racing against the clock and Mother Nature before forest fires shut him down. 

Meet the crew of Big Timber season 2


Owner, Wenstob Timber Resources 

Kevin Wenstob is a life-long logger and sawmill operator. Along with his partner-in-life Sarah Fleming, he’s the owner of Wenstob Timber Resources, one of the last independent sawmill and logging operations on Vancouver Island. Kevin and Sarah started the company together 25 years ago, and have been working hard to keep the mill alive ever since. Kevin loves having his sons Erik and Jack working alongside him and Sarah to help the mill succeed. 


Owner, Wenstob Timber Resources 

Sarah Fleming is the owner of Wenstob Timber Resources, along with her partner-in-life Kevin Wenstob. As General Manager, Sarah oversees their sawmill and sales operations, while Kevin runs things up on their mountainside timber claim. She’s the first to admit, though, that her biggest job is managing Kevin.


Heavy Duty Mechanic 

Erik Wenstob is Kevin and Sarah’s eldest son and a natural mechanical genius. Erik fell in love with fixing things as a teenager, when he bought an old dirt bike and brought it back to life so he could go dirt biking with his life-long friend Coleman. He’s had the bug ever since. What Erik loves even more than fixing things is finding unique solutions to hard-to-solve problems, and inventing new machines and new ways of doing things.


Mill Hand 

Jack is Sarah and Kevin’s younger son, and is working at the mill making fence panels and learning the family business from the ground up. Jack’s been going to university studying kinesiology, but he’s thinking that he wants to get more invested in working at the sawmill. With a level head and a big sense of humour, Jack is a quick study who easily picks up whatever is thrown at him – whether it’s learning how to drive a rock truck or heading out to go log salvaging.



Coleman Wilner is Kevin Wenstob’s right-hand-man, as the hook tender on the timber claim, and his lead sawyer at the sawmill. A driven, dedicated, hard worker, Coleman aspires to one day be as successful in the business as Kevin is. On the mountain, Coleman does everything from drive logging trucks to choking logs, and at the mill he turns raw logs into valuable timber.

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