What to Watch on History Channel This October

What to Watch on History Channel This October


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The Booze, Bets, & Sex that Built America

Tuesdays at 9ep

Building an empire and raking in the riches in some of the most taboo industries in America wasn’t easy. Over the course of nearly a hundred years, the battle over alcohol, tobacco, gambling and sex was a turbulent one, as the fight to make them become commercial industries faced a number of roadblocks. But without these battles, several turning points in history such as the sexual revolution and the state lottery system would never have existed. Learn more about the entrepreneurs who created these businesses and the ups and downs they faced in this exciting new docuseries.

Kings of Pain

Wednesdays at 10ep starting Oct. 26

Season two of Kings of Pain is back with wildlife biologist Adam Thorn and professional animal handler “Caveman” Rob Alleva as they get stung and bitten in the name of science by some of the world’s most dangerous creatures. Their mission to help save lives by manufacturing the most in-depth guide to pain picks up with critters including a Mexican beaded lizard and an Arizona bark scorpion so that viewers can wince along as they see Thorn and Alleva’s thresholds of pain be pushed to the limit.

The Toys That Built America

Tuesdays at 10ep starting Oct. 25

Season two of The Toys That Built America is finally here, looking at some of the most fascinating innovations in the beloved toys and games that shaped peoples’ childhoods. Explore the lesser-known tales of the famous faces who sparked the innovation and creativity behind toys such as the Rubik’s cube and Lego.

Mountain Men

Thursdays at 10ep, starting Oct. 27

In this new season of Mountain Men, living off the grid gets pushed to extremes as the frontiersmen explore their limits in order to build shelter, living off the land and facing the elements. Locations this season range from Alaska to North Carolina as the teams test their fortitude in the wilderness.