What to Watch on History Channel This September

What to Watch on History Channel This September


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New Series Wednesdays 10ep

Colosseum vividly brings to life the rise and fall of the Roman Empire through the lens of one of the most exhilarating and brutal arenas in the history of humanity – the Colosseum. From the savage truth of a gladiator’s life as a slave-warrior to the fascinating ways Rome’s Emperors used the vast amphitheatre to demonstrate total power, Colosseum offers viewers a unique and personal look inside history’s most iconic empire. Each episode pinpoints one of eight key and diverse characters – all based on real people from history. Spanning several hundred years, the series unfolds chronologically, from the arena’s astonishing opening day to its very last games.

Big Timber

New Season September 29

If you thought you knew anything about logging and sawmills, think again. Big Timber explores the journey of logger Kevin Wenstob who owns a sawmill and tries to keep the family mill running. With a million dollars saved up for a new saw installation and a dock expansion at Hook Bay, things seem precarious – thanks to stormy weather, dangerous shores and more. Join Kevin as he treks up the Pacific coast to log salvage in new areas.

Deadman’s Curse

New Series September 11

Prospector Kru Williams, mountaineer Adam Palmer, Indigenous explorer Taylor Starr and her father Don Froese are on the hunt for gold in Deadman’s Curse. For generations, prospectors have been trying to search for Slumach’s lost gold mine, as Slumach was an Indigenous man who was rumoured to have discovered gold up in the mountains of British Columbia. But it’s not just the mysterious location of the gold that four explorers have to contend with as the team must uncover clues while dealing with harsh weather, dangerous terrain and a 100-year-old curse in the mountains. There is even a personal connection to Slumach, as Taylor is Slumach’s great-great niece, and is determined to unpack the truth about her relative. Follow along as the team works to reveal the truth behind the gold and the curse as they embark on their dangerous journey.

More Power

New Series August 30

Tools are constantly evolving along with jobs that have become larger and more complex over the years. Co-hosts Tim Allen, Richard Karn and April Wilkerson unpack the fascinating history behind iconic tools on More Power by focusing on the supercharged history of some of the coolest and most powerful tools around. Of course, the tools will be tested, as Tim shows off the inside of his workshop to makers who reveal their creations. It’s equal parts fun and educational, as the team experiments with the creations and then puts them to the test in the real world. Machinery has never been so interesting.

Sundays at 9ep

Season three of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is back with scientists, researchers and experts to uncover the paranormal and unidentified aerial phenomena taking place on the ranch. Get ready for never-before-seen footage of the ranch and new use of surveillance technology, to follow along as the team continues working to uncover the inexplicable occurrences on the property. From mysterious equipment failures to surprising radiation spikes, the team is unpacking discovery after discovery. The investigation will continue to explore the history of the ranch as the team digs, drills and scans their way to the truth about the ranch.