What to Watch on History Channel This Winter

What to Watch on History Channel This Winter


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The Curse of Oak Island

Sundays at 10EP

Ten seasons later, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina and their team are back trying to solve the Oak Island mystery that is over 227 years old. Certain clues have them inch closer to the truth, after having found high traces of silver and gold a year ago, they aim to find the treasure by working with a geoscientist to narrow down the location. It’s not all about metals and drilling, however. This season, some of the team travels to England to learn about Oak Island and the Knights Templar, to find out more about the religious order that may have buried treasure on the island.

The Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters

Tuesdays at 10EP, starting Nov. 22

From humans to ships and planes, the Bermuda Triangle is known for mysteriously sucking up anything and everything that enters its path. But what do we really know about it? Mike Barnette is determined to find out. As a deep-sea diver and scientist, he’s investigating all the theories while diving into different wrecks as his team compiles evidence on land. Each week, he’ll explore a crashed plane, a military jet, a submarine and more, to uncover the truth as to why they sank. As he inches closer to the truth, he’s particularly drawn to a fleet of WWII torpedo bombers and the rescue plane sent to find it, as both disappeared without any clues back in the 1940s.

Secret Restoration

Mondays at 10EP

Whether you have prized family heirlooms or sentimental childhood toys, it’s nice to think your favourite items might one day be restored to their original glory. On Secret Restoration, items are restored when family members and friends secretly hire special craftspeople with expertise spanning automobiles, toys and more to give their possessions new life. Once restored, the history of the item is revealed along with its inner workings before being returned to joyful owners. The items made new again this season include a 1950s milk truck and a 1970s Star Wars Millennium Falcon, so there’s truly something interesting for everyone.

Beyond Oak Island

Sundays at 9EP, starting Nov. 27

Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina are back with Matty Blake to look for more treasure. From the lost riches of the Atocha to treasure from pirates such as Black Sam Bellamy, the team’s journey to finding more lost treasure continues outside of Oak Island. Teaming up with other adventurers, the team explores the sites of treasures from historical moments including the first gold rush in the US and the Revolutionary War. Get ready for much more treasure and more mysteries.