What to Watch on History This December and January

What to Watch on History This December and January


Lost Car Rescue

Thursdays 9:00pm | Premieres January 13

Deep in Canada’s Northern wilderness lies a hidden goldmine of abandoned classic cars, soon to be lost forever to history.  Enter Matt Sager and his team of passionate car hunters, on a mission to recover these rare vehicles hidden where no one else can find them. This team’s car hunting style is unlike any other, they travel by air and by land using classic equipment including a 1948 Stinson airplane. As they spot a clue from the sky, they follow the lead to track down the owner, buy it in cash, then extract and recover – by any means necessary.  Each team member plays a crucial role: the pilot, Jess; Steve the wrench; autobody expert, Dave; and crane operator, Lee. Together they journey through the stories of remote places and the people who have lived there for generations, in an impossible quest to find and rescue lost cars!


The Toys That Built America

Tuesdays at 10:00pm 

Against the backdrop of major events in American history like the Civil War and the Great Depression, The Toys that Built the World shares a different story – one that brings new products and nostalgic toys to the forefront as driving forces behind untold cultural and economic shifts. The four-part docuseries showcases visionaries such as the Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley and Ruth Handler who transformed a small toy company into the billion-dollar empire now known as Mattel®. It reveals the little-known stories behind groundbreaking innovations like the Frisbee®, and accidental discoveries like how the Slinky® was created. Additionally, the docuseries unveils competitive rivalries between iconic brands that changed the fabric of our nation forever. Blending dramatic reenactments and archival footage with interviews from experts, biographers, and others, The Toys That Built the World brings to life the surprising tales of the men and women who created some of America’s most beloved and enduring toys including Silly Putty®, Monopoly®, Barbie®, G.I. Joe®, and other famous classics.



Counting Cars Under the Hood

Thursdays at 9:00pm / 9:30pm | Premieres December 9

Counting Cars: Under the Hood takes a deeper dive into the most iconic rides bought, sold and transformed by Danny “The Count” Koker and the crew at Count’s Kustom. Take a ride with Danny as he shares his most memorable restorations, modifications, and even some behind the scenes shenanigans.  From Cadillacs to hot rods, famous vehicles and celebrity rides, watch as he and his crew work to get these cars to the finish line in order to flip em’ for a profit.


Beyond Oak Island

Sundays at 9:00pm  | Premieres January 9

From pirates such as Blackbeard and outlaws like Jesse James, to Aztec gold, priceless historical artifacts from American history and sunken treasure ships, “Beyond Oak Island” digs deep into the many treasure quests across the globe, revealing amazing new details and clues from past searches – and in some cases, advancing the hunt.