What to Watch on the History Channel This February

What to Watch on the History Channel This February


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Saturdays 9:00ep | Premieres February 26

BLK: An Origin Story – a limited series, consisting of four 60-minute episodes, reveals the deep historic impact of Black presence in Canada. Executive produced by Jen Holness and Sudz Sutherland, BLK: An Origin Story is helmed by Hungry Eyes’ award-winning production team, who takes viewers on a nationwide journey through time to discover the untold story of Blacks in Canada and their legacy, which dates back to 1608.  BLK: An Origin Story is steeped in riveting, enduring, and multifaceted historical Black Canadian narratives. Each episode transports viewers to a different Canadian location, and provides chronologically significant insights into the consequences of Black presence in the areas. Featured outposts include Nova Scotia, Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec. The series also highlights the legacy of Black contributions to the larger story of Canada itself, dating back to when explorer Mathieu de Costa first set foot on shore, more than 400 years ago. BLK: An Origin Story acts as an immersive and informative chapter of Black Canadian history, elevating remarkable Black Canadians previously unacknowledged in mainstream social, academic, and cultural circles, normalizing their unique stories as a matter of general record.


Rust Valley Restorers

Thursdays 9:00ep | New Season Premieres February 24

In Season 4 of Rust Valley Restorers, car restorer Mike Hall faces the toughest decision of his life: should he sell his beloved “Field of Dreams” and all of the cars he hasn’t yet saved? With new permit laws threatening to shut down his shop and fast approaching forest fires in the region, Mike is running out of time and money, and considers auctioning off his entire collection. Meanwhile his best friend Avery struggles to keep his own restoration business alive after receiving complaints from the neighbours, and Mike’s son Connor continues to help his father’s business while also planning his own wedding.


Joe Montana: Cool Under Pressure

Limited Event Series Premieres February 12 11:00A ep

Joe Montana: Cool Under Pressure features stories that many people don’t know: the doubt from his coaches, the controversies with teammates and the insecurities from within that drove one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the sport. The series also features exclusive footage as well as interviews of many NFL personalities including Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, George Seifert, former 49ers owner Ed DeBartolo Jr., Peyton Manning, Magic Johnson and Ken Griffey Jr.


The Proof is Out There

Fridays 9:00ep

The Proof is Out There investigates the world’s most mysterious videos, photos, and audio recordings, and uses the best technology and experts to render a credible verdict. Each episode analyzes and passes verdicts on several seemingly impossible things caught on film, including giant beasts, UFOS, apocalyptic sounds, hairy humans, alleged mutants from the deep, conspiracies, and many other cases. Host and veteran journalist Tony Harris takes nothing for granted in a quest for answers, tracking down eyewitnesses, putting each photo or film through a battery of tests, calling out the hoaxes, and highlighting the most credible evidence in an attempt to better understand our world.


Swamp People

Thursdays 10:00ep

It’s a history-making gator season with the hunters battling Mother Nature! From hurricanes to heatwaves, the swamp is a brutal place to survive and this year is tougher than ever. Right from the start, Hurricane Ida takes direct aim on our resident “Swamp People” putting lives in danger and threatening to end gator season before it even begins. To survive the swampers, including some new additions, must band together-and use every trick in the book-to preserve their livelihood. It’s Man vs. Nature in a battle for the ages!