What to Watch on The HISTORY Channel This Spring

What to Watch on The HISTORY Channel This Spring


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The UnXplained

Fridays 9ep

From the producers of Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island comes The UnXplained, a one-hour, non-fiction series that explores the world’s most fascinating, strange and inexplicable mysteries. From alleged UFO encounters to sudden disappearances to evil possessions, series host William Shatner attempts to get to the truth behind the most bizarre and mysterious events ever reported. With the help of the world’s top scientists, first-hand “experiencer” accounts and dramatic reenactments, viewers gain shocking insight into what’s really happening–and why.


Lost Gold of the Aztecs

Sundays 9:00ep 

The Aztec Empire ended at the hands of Conquistador Hernan Cortes but not before Emperor Montezuma, and his people, were able to sneak their mass amounts of wealth north to seven separate locations in what is now the American Southwest. For five centuries, thousands have searched for Montezuma’s treasure and the 7 Cities of Gold. The treasure is believed to be made up of an enormous quantity of gold bars, silver, precious stones, jewelry, and other Aztec artifacts. Historians estimate the value of all of these items to be worth over $3 billion dollars.  Lost Gold of the Aztecs follows three families determined to break the 500-year-old curse of Emperor Montezuma and find the treasure. The series will intercut each family’s epic adventure as they search for the 7 Cities of Gold on three different properties in three different states – the Dillmans in Utah, the Hoaglands in Nevada, and the Villescases in New Mexico. Who will be the first to find the Aztec Gold?


The Curse of Oak Island

Sundays 10:00ep

After making the greatest discoveries in Oak Island history one year ago — including scientific evidence of massive quantities of silver deep in the Money Pit area — Rick and Marty Lagina, along with their faithful team, are poised to finally solve the 226-year-old mystery. However, they must once again face unforeseen challenges in the process. The deadly Covid-19 pandemic has once again delayed their efforts by more than a month, and they are also now facing unprecedented scrutiny by the provincial Culture, Community and Heritage arm of the government due to all the archaeologically significant finds they made last season all across the island. Nevertheless, they will pick up where they left off in the triangle-shaped swamp, which they now have proven to contain manmade workings. In addition to continuing the investigation of the massive stone road — or possible ship’s wharf — in the Southeastern corner, they will also dig below the muck of the brackish bog looking for evidence of an ancient treasure galleon. Against all odds, this action-packed, emotionally charged season promises to be the greatest so far.

Rust Valley Restorers

Thursdays 9:00ep

In Season 4 of Rust Valley Restorers, car restorer Mike Hall faces the toughest decision of his life: should he sell his beloved “Field of Dreams” and all of the cars he hasn’t yet saved? With new permit laws threatening to shut down his shop and fast approaching forest fires in the region, Mike is running out of time and money, and considers auctioning off his entire collection. Meanwhile his best friend Avery struggles to keep his own restoration business alive after receiving complaints from the neighbours, and Mike’s son Connor continues to help his father’s business while also planning his own wedding.


I Was There

Wednesdays 9:00ep 

What if we could travel back in time to some of the world’s most powerful events? Would we see things in a brand-new way? In the new series, I Was There, host Theo Wilson, grandson of a Tuskegee Airman, believes we can only truly understand history by being there and now, we will. In this series, Wilson time-travels to pivotal moments in history that come to life in stunning detail. Inside some of history’s most iconic events, he unearths the fascinating and lost details of why they really happened, while reliving the moments of our past that shaped us all.


The Food That Built America

Tuesdays 10:00ep  

The series that introduced the world to the titans that invented, innovated, and propagated is back for a new season. Food entrepreneurs like Milton Hershey, Oscar Mayer, and the McDonald brothers have literally been household names, but you don’t know their stories. Before they were brands, they were brilliant, sometimes ruthless, visionaries who revolutionized food and changed the landscape of America forever. This season turns the lens on a new selection of bold pioneers behind such iconic foods as Jell-O, Subway, Wendy’s, and more.

History’s Greatest Mysteries

Saturdays 10:00ep 

History’s Greatest Mysteries focuses on iconic mysteries that captivated millions and culturally impacted the world. Narrated by Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award winner Laurence Fishburne, the franchise will continue to investigate a wide range of historically compelling topics and the mysteries surrounding each of them. Each program showcases fresh, new evidence and perspectives including never-before-released documents to the general public, personal diaries and DNA evidence to unearth brand-new information about these infamous and enigmatic chapters in history.