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  • I am War
    I am War
    Premieres Friday, November 10 at 9PM E/P
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    War affects all who experience it. That is at the heart of I Am War , a new TV special that tells the personal accounts of five men and women who fought with the Canadian Forces during the Afghanistan War and how these traumatic experiences have changed their lives. Close
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  • The World Without Canada
    The World Without Canada
    Friday, November 10 at 9AM E/P
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    Narrated by Dan Aykroyd,  The World Without Canada  is a three part TV special that celebrates our physical, intellectual and historical achievements by imagining the realities and repercussions of life on Earth with our contributions suddenly gone. This thought experiment speculates on the global impact of a world without Canada and the catastrophic consequences that might unfold.  Set up as a collection of theme-based stories, the series focuses on Canadian contributions and identity through a unique lens that is informative, dramatic and celebratory. Close
  • Battle of The Somme: The True Story
    Battle of The Somme: The True Story
    Friday, November 10 at 11AM E/P
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    The Battle Somme – 1st July 1916 – the bloodiest day in the history of warfare. Told through drama the film draws on the personal accounts of individuals caught up in what became a devastating and catastrophic loss of life. Close
  • War Junk: The Somme
    War Junk: The Somme
    Friday, November 10 at 12:30PM E/P
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    The Battle of the Somme is one of the most famous battles of WW1 that began on July 1st, 1916 and lasted 5 bloody months.  Fought on both banks of the Somme River it became a war of attrition as Allied soldiers fought desperately against German troops.  The War Junk team will search for incredible large remnants that remain today but will also search the battlefield for those touching personnel stories. Close
  • War Junk:Ypres
    War Junk:Ypres
    Friday, November 10 at 1:30PM E/P
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    The War Junk team will begin in Ypres where the initial battles of the war took place in October/November 1914 but will focus mainly on the area where the Second Battle of Ypres in 1915 occurred.  O’Keefe and Abbott will search the battlefields in and around this area to find the most dramatic stories to tell and mysteries to solve. Close
  • War Junk: Vimy Ridge
    War Junk: Vimy Ridge
    Friday, November 10 at 2:30PM E/P
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    Vimy Ridge is Canada’s most known WW1 battle. The War Junk team quickly discovers that there is more to the battlefield than the trenches and craters that scar the land. Close
  • March to the Pole
    March to the Pole
    Friday, November 10 at 3:30PM E/P
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    As part of their recovery from life-altering injuries, 12 wounded Canadian Afghanistan vets attempt to reach Canada’s Magnetic North Pole on cross-country skis across 140 km of harsh, unforgiving terrain. March to the Pole is an extraordinary documentary of an expedition and of hardship and healing. Characteristics which drove these men and women to serve their country - commitment, empathy and resilience - are the same traits they must call upon to re-build their bodies and souls. Close
  • Sector Sarajevo
    Sector Sarajevo
    Friday, November 10 at 7:30PM E/P
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    Sector Sarajevo is a frightening story about trying to save lives and keep the peace in a vicious conflict. In Bosnia, that meant going well beyond the accepted rules of engagement for a UN peacekeeping mission. Canadian viewers will find Sector Sarajevo a gripping eye-opener about this important, unknown episode in our military history. Close
  • War Junk: Into the Rhineland
    War Junk: Into the Rhineland
    Friday, November 10 at 11PM E/P
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    The War Junk team investigates an iconic battle of WWII, Operation Market Garden, chronicled in the epic movie “A Bridge Too Far”, and make some emotional discoveries. Close
  • War Junk: Juno Beach
    War Junk: Juno Beach
    Saturday, November 11 at 12PM E/P
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    The War Junk team has been given a rare and unprecedented opportunity to be the first to search, investigate and excavate on Juno Beach. Close
  • 28 Heroes
    28 Heroes
    Saturday, November 11 at 1PM E/P
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    Told in the first person by Korean War veterans Lt. Ed Mastronardi and Pte. Red Butler - “28 HEROES” brings to life the harrowing exploits of 2nd platoon, “A” company of the 2nd RCRs - who on Nov 2, 1951 fought desperately to hold their vulnerable position in the face of repeated and savage Communist attacks. With only 28 men, Ed Mastonardi and his platoon manage to hold out for over 10 hours against hundreds of Chinese attackers in one of the most remarkable small unit actions of the Korea War. Close
  • Vimy Ridge: Heaven to Hell
    Vimy Ridge: Heaven to Hell
    Saturday, November 11 at 2PM E/P
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    In Vimy Ridge: Heaven to Hell, viewers will be on the ground with the Canadian Corps through a battlefield archaeological excavation. Found objects are subject to analysis—each one allowed to tell its own unique story; to reveal the untold personal experiences of Canadian ground troops and their enemies. Close
  • Dieppe Uncovered
    Dieppe Uncovered
    Saturday, November 11 at 3:30PM E/P
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    This stunning new documentary reveals findings from never-before-seen and recently declassified documents that will revolutionize the way Canadians understand their role in the Battle of Dieppe, giving meaning to an event that has, until now, been viewed as a futile failure. Close
  • Searching for Vimy's Lost Soldiers
    Searching for Vimy's Lost Soldiers
    Saturday, November 11 at 5:30PM E/P
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    The Battle of Vimy Ridge, fought during the First World War, marked Canada’s birth as a nation.  In Searching for Vimy's Lost Soldiers , Norm Christie and a team of experts embark on an extraordinary investigation to locate the bodies of 44 Canadian soldiers who fell on April 9, 1917. Close
  • Black Watch Snipers
    Black Watch Snipers
    Saturday, November 11 at 9PM E/P
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    Black Watch Snipers tells the epic story of five men who together fought their way through WWII as snipers and scouts. Their mission: to clear towns of German troops that that would decimate advancing Allied soldiers. This is a ‘Band of Brothers’ story as told by the men who experienced it: the surviving members of a sniper unit from Canada’s most storied Regiment - the Black Watch. They tell vivid, but chilling stories of their deadly solo attacks and encounters with the enemy. The Black Watch snipers did the dirtiest work in the war, armed with nothing but their wits and their rifles, as they endured the ultimate test of combat in the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi tyranny. Several of the men are still alive to talk about what they went through, and gripping, dramatic re-creations bring their experiences to life. This is their story. Close