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KNIGHTFALL Season 2 begins the march to war between King Philip of France and his sworn enemies,
the Knights Templar. As the Templars ready themselves for the storm to come, Talus, a battle-hardened
veteran of the Crusades, trains the next generation of men he calls “God’s Executioners”. There will be a
reckoning between long-standing rivals – Landry and fallen-knight Gawain, De Nogaret and Pope
Boniface – while Princess Isabella takes her first steps to becoming the “She-Wolf of France”. As King
Philip works to destroy the reputation of the Templars to the public at large, Prince Louis, his sadistic
young son, unleashes the dogs of war on the legendary Knights, reaching a brutal, final climax on Friday
the 13th.

Knightfall goes inside the medieval politics and warfare of the Knights
Templar, the most powerful, wealthy and mysterious military order of the
Middle Ages. The series goes deep into the clandestine world of this
legendary brotherhood of warrior monks to learn who these knights were,
how they lived, and what they died believing. With the historical ruthless
downfall of the Templar Order on the horizon, Season 2 focus on themes such
as power, redemption, revenge, betrayal, family, and ultimately an epic war
between church and state. Hamill joins the cast as new character Talus, a
battle-hardened Knight Templar veteran an initiate master who is tasked with
preparing the next generation of men to proudly wear the iconic red cross on
their chests and become “God’s Executioners.”