About Forged in Fire

Forged in Fire is back for a scorching second season where highly-skilled bladed weapon makers go head-to-head in an elimination challenge to create some of history’s most iconic, edged weapons. Each week, four talented bladesmiths put their skills and reputations on the line to turn raw metal into classic bladed weapons under nearly impossible time constraints. In the first two rounds, four contestants face-off forging blades they hope can withstand the judges’ grueling tests. Only two bladesmiths continue on to the final round, where they head to their home forges to create a historic blade, which could be anything from a War Hammer to the legendary Cutlass Sword.

The second season ups the ante with new curveballs for the contestants to tackle, such as sourcing all of their metal from the wreck of a car. The competition is fierce and it takes a powerful mix of brains and brawn to secure the title of Forged in Fire champion.

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