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As a new alligator hunting season gets underway, hunters face a more crippling problem than ever before: a surplus of farm-raised gators has flooded the buyers market, driving prices to their lowest level in a decade.  Inventories are full, and buyers are threatening to shut down early this season. For the hunters who live off the money from gator season, it’s a matter of keeping their families fed.  They must race to get tags filled quickly before buyers close their doors.

King of the Swamp Troy Landry has more on his mind than just prices.  Troy’s decided to promote his son, Chase, to captain of his own boat for the first time ever.  But taking on responsibility of captain is easier said than done.

There’s new blood on the Edgar boats this season.  With the need to fill tags quickly, patriarch Daniel has called his son Dwaine, in from Texas to work as his deckhand. But in a season when moving quickly and efficiently is more important than ever, personalities collide, threatening to prevent them from filling tags.

Like the Edgars, RJ and Jay Paul Molinere decide to run two boats this year.  Jay Paul captains his own boat for the first time and hires swamp veteran Tommy Chauvin to be his deckhand.  But when Tommy’s old ways come back to haunt him, Jay Paul’s patience is put to the test.

Bruce Mitchell is once again reunited with his sharpshooting partner, Ron Methvin. Record flooding has opened up uncharted territories, and Bruce wants to take advantage.

Swamp legend Willie Edwards is hunting solo for the second year in a row.  But with the threat of buyers shutting down early, Willie has to work harder than ever to tag out on time.

Swamper Kristi Boussard is back on the water again, working to rid her ranch of a band of hungry gators that’s moved into her backyard.

Glenn Guist is dealing with flooding as well.  But as always with this swamp legend, Glenn makes the most out of all the surprises the flood brings his way

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