What To Watch On History Channel This September

What To Watch On History Channel This September


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Dark Marvels

Wednesdays 10 EP, starting Aug. 30

Dark Marvels is a documentary series that explores the history and engineering behind the world’s most diabolical inventions. From devious torture and death devices to terrifying weapons of war, sinister spy tools and games that kill, these are the origin stories of innovations that came from the most wicked minds. There will be expert interviews, evocative recreations, archival footage and premium 3D graphics to unpack the twisted tales behind these technologies, their creators and the historical figures who succumbed to their lethality. It’s a heart-pounding probe into evil ingenuity that shows the darkest marvel is the human imagination. 

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The Proof Is Out There: Bermuda Triangle

Wednesdays at 9 EP, starting Aug. 30 

In this special edition series of The Proof Is Out There, Tony Harris travels to the Florida coast to explore the notorious and fear-evoking Bermuda Triangle. Tony and a team of experts will analyze evidence similar to mysterious phenomena from around the world and render a verdict. 

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

Sundays at 9 EP, starting Sept. 3 

Ranch owner Brandon Fugal and his team, chief investigator Erik Bard and astrophysicist, aerospace engineer and optical scientist Dr. Travis Taylor, investigate the mysterious 512-acre Utah property of Skinwalker Ranch and work to reveal the truth behind the secret. After Dr. Taylor shares he recently held a position on the Federal Government’s UAP taskforce, the ranch investigation reaches new heights — and depths — with key access to new, cutting-edge technologies and expert assistance that didn’t exist before. 

Beyond Skinwalker Ranch

Sundays at 10 EP, starting Sept. 3

Since 2020, Dr. Travis Taylor and his team have been working to collect, analyze and decode as much data as possible. Although their experiments have yielded amazing results, it’s not enough to unlock the secret of the ranch. The Skinwalker team is pursuing evidence of similar phenomena found at analogous sites around the world. No longer content to sit, waiting to be targeted, it’s time to go beyond Skinwalker. 

Mountain Men

Thursday at 9 EP, starting Sept. 7 

Masters of extreme isolation and experts at living off the grid, these skilled frontiersmen are willing to do anything to stay wild and free. This season, Mountain Men digs deeper into the unique abilities it takes to create and sustain a livelihood in some of the most remote — and dangerous corners of the US. From North Carolina to Alaska, each episode explores building a shelter, living exclusively off the land and facing the harsh elements. 

True Story (Part 2)

Saturday 9 EP, starting Sept. 30 

In honour of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, True Story examines how to move forward from Canada’s colonial history and achieve reconciliation by first learning, and then facing the past. Part Two of the event documentary will explore the in-depth relationship between Indigenous Peoples, the land and the settlers, the painful legacy of the Indian Act and Residential School system, the Sixties Scoop, the rise of Indigenous political movements and the role of Indigenous veterans in Canada’s military.

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