Meet the Cast of ‘Alone’ Season 10

Meet the Cast of ‘Alone’ Season 10

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HISTORY’s popular survival show Alone is back for season 10 and it’s the toughest one yet. This time a new group of brave participants are pushed to their limits and tap into their impressive survival skills in a fight to be the last person standing to win $500,000 (USD). 10 survivalists will compete with each other in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada to fight off against territorial black bears, wolves, moose and the bone-chilling temperatures of the North. All they have are 10 survival items and enough camera gear to self-document their experiences — no camera crews. No gimmicks. Just human will. 

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Meet the New Cast


Alan Tenta

52, High School Teacher

Alan Tenta lives in Columbia Valley, BC, Canada with his wife Lisa and two children. As a local high school teacher, Alan’s students in his Outdoor Education class were the ones who originally encouraged him to apply for Alone. At a young age, Alan was introduced to the outdoors under the guidance of his father where he developed a passion for fishing, hunting and archery. Today, he enjoys camping with his family and friends, adventure motorcycling, fly fishing and hunting. 

Being a participant this season will be Alan’s ultimate adventure. He looks forward to pushing the limits of his physical and mental capabilities and testing his skills as a bowhunter, fisherman, forager and bushcrafter. 

Ann Rosenquist

Ann Rosenquist

56, Off-grid Organic Farmer

At five years old, Ann fell in love with the great outdoors spending her childhood rambling through the forests building forts and learning about the wondrous plants and animals. Fishing, hiking and cross-country skiing through the boreal forests were her favourite activities all through school. After college, Ann worked different jobs over the years including hospitality, bus driver and shitake mushroom planter which ultimately became her career path and life. 

Ann and her partner Tom operate an off-grid, organic farm in far northern Wisconsin — deep in the forest — where they grow small fruit, fruit trees, herbs and many vegetables. Both Ann and Tom teach various primitive skills classes at Wintercount, a primitive skills gathering in Arizona, every year. On Alone, Ann sought to fully engage all of her accumulated life skills and ingenuity to thoroughly enjoy this experience no matter what comes her way.

Cade Cole

Cade Cole

28, Hunting Guide

Cade was born and raised in a rural town in Texas where he spent most of his childhood hunting and fishing in the Texas Hill Country region. Stories of adventure and tales of long-gone mountain men out West fueled his imagination and fueled his hunger for the wild leading him to the Rocky Mountains. His lifelong passion for the conservation of wildlife earned him success as a hunting guide with an outstanding reputation as an expert tracker and hunter. 

Currently, Cade resides in the Wind River Mountain Range of Wyoming with his wife Danielle, and their son Clifford. He hopes his time on Alone can cement a legacy for himself as a hunter of dwindling, untamed lands.

James “Wyatt” Black

James “Wyatt” Black

50, Business Owner

Wyatt was born in Barrie, Ontario. He lived his first nine years in New Lowell before moving to Dorset when his parents, Wayne and Patricia bought a small marina on Lake of Bays. Wyatt comes from a long line of hunters, fishermen and general outdoorsmen. Since Wyatt could walk, he was in the woods and fishing the lakes and rivers of Ontario with his grandfathers, father, aunts, uncles and siblings. Growing up in Dorset, Wyatt had the good fortune of meeting some awesome trappers who were more than happy to share their knowledge, wisdom and stories with a young man who was willing to listen, learn and help.

Wyatt is the proud father of two boys, Andrew and Evan, who’ve given his life new meaning and made every day that much more special. None of it could have been possible without the love and support of Wyatt’s lovely wife Michelle, who he met in high school.

Alone has captured Wyatt’s attention since he saw the first episode. He’s been a fan ever since and has no trouble saying that many of Alone’s past participants have touched him in many ways. He is hoping that he can do the same for others while he embarks on this journey to test his skills and share with the world the trials and tribulations that have made him who he is today.

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Jodi Rose

Jodi Rose

45, Owner of Wind River Tables

Jodi’s love of all things self-reliance began in childhood. The influence of her homesteading grandparents and parents led Jodi on a lifelong journey of surviving and thriving in the wild. Growing up in the mountains of Wyoming gave Jodi the unique opportunity to be one with nature. Much of Jodi’s childhood and teenage years were spent horseback riding in the mountains following her parents on one adventure to the next all over the state. Her love of the wilderness and animals eventually led her to find her way onto Alone season 10 where her desire to truly test her skills will become a reality in Northern Saskatchewan. 

Jodi and her partner Frank, have five children together: Zak, Klayton, Josie, Josh and Isac where they were raised on the family cattle ranch in the middle of the Wind River Indian Reservation. Her family resides in the remote wilderness of the Rocky Mountains for five months of the year while procuring beetle-kill pine for their family furniture business, Wild River Tables. The rest of the year, they work side by side building epoxy river tables and furniture. Jodi is passionate about living off the land and connecting to God through nature. She continually strives to learn new things and is always testing her self-reliance. 

Lee Ray DeWilde

Lee Ray DeWilde

59, Pilot

Lee is one of 14 children raised in the wilderness by his Caucasian father and Native American mother along the Alaskan waters of the Yukon, Koyukuk and Huslia rivers. He was born in the woods and didn’t see another community until he was 15 years old when he flew his first plane. His family moved amongst several camps on the rivers throughout the year for trapping, spring hunting/gardening, lumber milling and seasonal work in the village of Huslia. He later left the wilderness to continue his education, earning his aircraft maintenance, pilot licenses and a mechanical engineering degree. After he and his wife, Lilly, raised their children in Fairbanks and at their fish camp downriver, they moved back to the villages where he started an aircraft charter business and his wife became a high school principal.

Living and serving his people back home in Huslia reconnected Lee with the life he grew up with inspiring him to learn more from the elders of the land, his ancestral roots, plus educating the younger generation with what he knew. Participating in Alone will provide Lee the opportunity to push his Native woods knowledge to new limits. His hope is to win the half million dollars and use it to purchase a larger airplane that will better serve his people.

Luke Olsen

Luke Olsen

39, Entrepreneur and Glass Artist

Luke was raised in the deserts of southern Idaho at this family’s hot springs resort Miracle Hot Springs. His parents Larry and Sherrel are authors of the number one best-selling book Outdoor Survival Skills. At 11 years old two of his brothers let him tag along on a sea kayaking expedition on the sea of Cortez, and he later guided ten similar expeditions for Corps of Discovery solidifying his love for the sea. He is a PADI divemaster and surf instructor in Hawaii and loves sharing his love for the water with others. 

Luke worked at his parents’ foundation Anasazi at a very young age guiding groups through primitive wilderness expeditions. This gave him the opportunity to witness the inevitable changes in values and perspectives that come with overcoming the challenges of wilderness living.

Currently, Luke has a glass art business Dichroic Images, where he teaches ancestral skills at Pono Outdoor, a home school enrichment program and consults for several cannabis operations in Oregon and California. If he wins the prize money, he and his wife plan to develop their own hot springs land in Idaho adjacent to his family’s hot springs resort into a community gathering, educational and healing space. Luke is excited to take on the Alone challenge to connect with his father, who passed away a few years ago, and to challenge himself and his skill set in a new environment. 

Melanie Sawyer

Melanie Sawyer

54, Living History Teacher and Founder of Wild Foods

Melanie Sawyer was born in the Cotswolds on the west coast of England where she mainly spent her childhood in the countryside. She has always felt the most peaceful in the woods and nature, surrounded by trees, learning about plants and wildlife. She was later signed to a modelling agency and through her travels, she eventually settled in New York City. In 2013, she received the Certificate of Congressional Special Recognition for her work in the community. 

Melanie now lives off-grid with her fiancé Brian in the remote beauty and wilderness of the 6 million acre Adirondack State Park. Their home has solar banks for electricity, a 600 ft. deep well for water, chickens, ducks and pheasants for meat and eggs. She believes passionately in sourcing as much of her food as possible directly from nature. In 2021, Melanie combined her love of 18th Century history alongside her traditional living, foraging and survival skills and founded Thunderhawk Living History School.

Melanie hopes being part of season 10 will get her to put her skills to the test and inspire others to get out into the woods and learn. She wants to press the importance of always trying even if it means making mistakes in the process. 

Mikey Helton

Mikey Helton

31, Carpenter

At an early age, Mikey spent most of his time in the wilderness where he felt nature was always a way for him to escape and be free. When he was young, he had to live without common goods. Having no running water or electricity meant learning how to survive. He learned how to hunt and track animals, how to fish and trap and how to purify water for drinking and how to start a fire — skills that he continues to hone today. 

Mikey is a carpenter by trade. He has a beautiful wife, Hazel, and five wonderful kids. They practice a lot of natural and traditional methods. Making natural medicines, harvesting wild foods and crafting anything they can from nature. Alone is the opportunity for Mikey to change life for his family, especially for his youngest and autistic son Nikolai, to give him more opportunities to help him on his journey and make life easier. 

Taz Ramos

Taz Ramos Dos Santos

35, Direct Support Professional, Musician and Homesteader

Taz was born and raised in the smallest state of Brazil and spent his childhood living off the land without electricity or running water. As he got older, Taz wanted to escape this hardship so he decided to pursue an education. He fell in love with theatre and decided to become a professional actor.

At 16, Taz found out he was going to have twins. His acting career brought him to the U.S. and at 24, he crossed the Utah desert in a survival course where he had a change of heart from acting. Taz realized that he had a set of skills that was very valuable for himself and for the world. That year, he decided to embrace nature and dive deeper into the beauty that is connected to all elements of nature, hunting, fishing, foraging and listening. He found himself on a homestead in Western Massachusetts, where he was able to reconnect with nature in a way he hadn’t in years. After a couple of years, he moved into his treehouse, where he has been living ever since.

Currently, Taz works as a direct support professional helping individuals on the autism spectrum to explore the natural world by taking them on hiking excursions on the Appalachian Trail, helping them create gardens, play sports and practice survival skills.

Taz is excited to take on the Alone challenge. He has dreamed for years of buying a home with a piece of land and bringing his twins from Brazil to live with him on his homestead. If he can pull it off, winning this competition could finally give him a sense of belonging and the warmth of his family in this new country.

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Watch if these survivalists will make it on Alone starting June 8.

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