What To Watch On History Channel This February

What To Watch On History Channel This February


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History’s Greatest Of All Time with Peyton Manning

Mondays at 10 EP, starting Feb. 6

Host, executive producer and former football quarterback Peyton Manning asks 100 experts in various categories to rank each contender using statistics, innovation and legacy. From Henry Ford, Jeff Bezos and Oprah to Evel Knievel, Harry Houdini and Johnny Knoxville, this series puts 10 G.O.A.T.s. (Greatest Of All Time) head-to-head in different categories each week. It’s the exploration of the best of the best in each episode. Who will be crowned the G.O.A.T.?

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History’s Greatest Heists with Pierce Brosnan

Sundays at 9 EP, starting Feb. 12

Legendary actor Pierce Brosnan hosts this new series that uncovers the planning, execution and shocking aftermath behind some of the most elaborate heists in history. Some include the notorious Lufthansa Heist of New York, the half-billion-dollar Gardner Museum art theft, the Antwerp Belgium Diamond Heist and more. Using cutting-edge visual effects and first-person witness accounts from people who were actually there, each episode dives deep into the schemes of the criminal masterminds and what they would do for wealth and fortune.  

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The Food That Built America (Season 4)

Tuesdays at 10 EP, starting Feb. 28

The Food That Built America is back with a brand new season. This season explores a new group of brands and the brilliant visionaries who revolutionized food. From the creation of Starbucks, and Oscar Mayer, to the origin of America’s biggest eating holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, explore the origin stories behind the people and innovations who made them what they are today.