5 Reasons Why ‘Big Timber’ is a Must-Watch This Season

5 Reasons Why ‘Big Timber’ is a Must-Watch This Season

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Kevin Wenstob and his logging crew are back. And, if you thought last season was intense, think again. Season three of Big Timber brings Kevin’s family — lifelong partner Sarah, their sons Erik, Jack and Kevin’s right-hand man Coleman — as they help him expand his business by using the $1 million he initially set aside for the government. 

From Kevin making risky investments and taking on dangerous projects to try to fulfill his dreams (like a new mill) during the Canadian winter, here are five reasons why Big Timber season three is a must-watch. 

Big Timber will keep you on edge with their risky investments

This season, Kevin decides to use the money he saved to pay back the government to build new boats, a new dock at Hook Bay and finish the saw he’s been building at the mill. 

After consulting with Sarah and getting her green light, Kevin starts to finish the projects on the mountainside before the snow comes. Unfortunately, things don’t go as smoothly as certain equipment breaks, so Kevin has to convince the crew to get on board with his plans of getting and building a new boat. 

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Extreme weather makes for unpredictable projects

It’s not logging without extreme weather conditions, especially when there are massive snowstorms and monsoon-like rain in the forecast. Kevin and his team struggle to get his logs off the mountain before the snow shuts down the roads again. The weather not only puts the team’s projects at risk but also themselves. 

They teach the youth, and you might learn something too

It looks like there might be new hires at Wenstob Timber Resources. Sarah hosts a group of high schoolers who visit the mill interested in learning how the business works. Sarah teaches them about mill wood siding and more, all while a few students impress her during the process. 

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‘The graveyard of the Pacific’ presents a new adventure

It’s called “The Graveyard of the Pacific” due to the many shipwrecks that have taken place in the ocean. This season Kevin must log salvage up the Pacific coast’s extremely rocky shores — areas he’s never been to before. Injuries occur that threaten to throw them to a halt. Can Kevin and his team keep the sawmill and themselves alive in ‘The Graveyard of the Pacific’ through this treacherous winter? 

Of course, Jack and Rachael’s wedding

It’s wedding time for the Wenstob family as Jack gets married to his fiancé Rachael. Celebrations are held at the mill where the entire family and close friends of the Wenstob Timber Resources all come together. Before the wedding, not only does Rachael have a perfect dress, but Sarah tries looking for one too. Plus, Kevin has a surprise in store for the newlyweds. 

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