The New Season of ‘Lost Car Rescue’ is Here

The New Season of ‘Lost Car Rescue’ is Here

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The ambitious team of Lost Car Rescue returns for a second season this spring, venturing deeper than ever into Canada’s remote wilderness in search of abandoned and valuable vehicles.  Led by Matt Sager, each member of the Lost Car Rescue team plays a crucial role: the plane pilot, Jess; Steve “the wrench”; auto body expert, Dave; and crane operator, Lee.  Throughout the season, the crew travels across the country searching for various unique finds, including a car owned by America’s most famous mobster, Al Capone.

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Meet The Crew

Matt Sager

Matt Sager: The Boss

Matt has an addiction to hunting extremely rare cars in some of the most remote parts of North America. Hunting for cars has been part of his life for as long as he can remember. When he and his brothers would take trips up north with their dad, spotting treasure along the way and bringing it home are some of his favourite memories. For Matt, this passion is not just for the thrill of finding super-rare vehicles. It’s about saving a piece of history and uncovering the unique story that goes with it which makes it all worthwhile. Though he’s confident in his own abilities, Matt knows that he couldn’t do this without the crew he’s assembled, making this car-hunting season the best one yet.

Jessica James

Jessica James: The Pilot

Jess is at home in the sky. A lifelong aviation lover, Jess was introduced to flying as an infant as her father was also a pilot. Her first flight was at just six months old. Jess craves adventure so she loves to be able to see the world from a bird’s eye view. Jess and Matt met in flight school about 10 years ago, but she has since surpassed Matt’s qualifications with far more hours logged and has become a commercial pilot. Her flight expertise combined with her ability to make fast and genuine social connections make her imperative to the crew. Jess is new to the car hunt, but she’s eager to learn and excited to take on this next challenge.

Dave Mischuk

Dave Mischuk: The Body Man

Dave is a self-taught autobody expert who ran his own shop in Northern Saskatchewan for more than 40 years. As a lifelong collector, he has encyclopedic car knowledge, knowing every make and model of car ever built in North America. A few years ago Matt spotted Dave’s collection during a flyover, made a deal on a car, and they’ve been friends ever since. Despite being divided along generational lines, Dave and Matt’s passion for classic cars has brought them together. Now that he’s retired, Dave is thrilled to take on this next adventurous chapter with Matt’s crew.

Lee Brandt

Lee Brandt: The Crane Operator

Lee is a successful entrepreneur with his own business in trees and landscaping. He had a fateful meeting with Matt recently when listing an old crane for sale online. Matt showed up to buy it and Lee came along for the ride. His sense of humour and charismatic grin keeps the crew smiling when the mission gets tough. But Lee is not just a smiling face – he’s a crane whiz and quick to study on this first time joining the car hunt. Lee thrives when doing something new and is happy to take a break from being the boss at his regular gig. He’s greatly enjoying chasing this adventure alongside his new pals.

Steve Sager

Steve Sager: The Fixer

Steve is a mechanical expert who can fix just about anything. He specializes in engine and powertrain work and has the magic to get any car started even if it’s nearly fossilized. Steve’s approach to car hunting is more methodical than his older brother Matt. He’s happy to go along with Matt’s big ideas but isn’t afraid to stand his ground to keep the job on track. Steve also likes to have some fun along the way, especially with Lee as he shows him the ropes. The pair make a masterful extraction team in between their mischievous antics.

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Season two follows these classic car hunters’ greatest adventure yet, beginning April 19.

Watch as they find these treasured vehicles and bring their unique stories to light every Wednesday at 10 EP on the HISTORY Channel and on STACKTV. Visit the Where to Watch page for more information.